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- Recruitment Research

The Barracuda Group research is unique – no other recruiting firm can deliver the accurate and up-to-date research that The Barracuda Group is known for.  Some of our largest clients are other recruiting firms that utilize us for their research needs.  Our research consultants do not utilize online job boards or any other public list resources to obtain our information.  New and unique research is obtained for every project assigned to The Barracuda Group.  We also have the capability to provide you with the names, titles, phone numbers, and reporting structure of the top talent you are searching for.

- Passive Candidate Recruiting

The Barracuda Group only performs passive candidate recruiting. As a result, our recruiters are experts in the methods of process and communication required to successfully hire passive candidates allowing us to deliver qualified and interested candidates for your positions     

- Diversity Research and Recruiting

Diversity Research and Recruiting services were created to identify and develop diverse talent for our clients.  

- Assessment Testing

Assessment testing identifies appropriate potential hires and reduces current employee turnover by providing counseling on both suitable candidates and the retention of valuable employees with whom you have already invested considerable time and money through training. 

- Passive Candidate Training Program

We want our clients to succeed in hiring the talent they are looking for.  As a result, we created a training program to educate corporate recruiters and hiring managers about the behaviors and skills needed to successfully hire passive candidates (those candidates who are qualified for a position, but not currently seeking out new opportunities).  

- Competitive Intelligence

Find out how your competition is structured; how many employees are in each department, how many levels and what their organizational chart looks like.

- Consultative and Customized Services

As a business partner, The Barracuda Group has a “do what it takes” attitude toward customer service.  Regardless of the type of recruiting challenge facing our client, the Barracuda Group will provide a solution.